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1. The Starting Canvas Matters

Whether you have naturally dark hair or pre-existing color, know that what you walk in with plays a HUGE role in the blonding process. Virgin hair is the easiest to lighten but the darker the hair, the longer the process so don’t stress if it takes multiple sessions to reach your desired level of blonde. It’s all part of the process.

2. Going Blonde Is An Investment

A blonde makeover is an investment in more ways than one. First there’s finding the right stylist, then there’s the consultation, the transformation itself, follow-up appointments and at-home care. “You will need professional quality products to help maintain tone and overall health of your hair,” advises Allyson. “If you decide to not upgrade your haircare routine, be aware it will cost you in the long run—toner stripping out, potentially damaging your hair more—and can affect how your hair lifts/reacts.⁣⁣”

3. A Blonde Transformation Takes Time

Don’t expect to be in and out of the salon in under an hour. A blonding session can be anywhere from three to five hours, so get comfortable. “At our salon, we offer beverages, snacks, a charging station, books and magazine to help pass the time,” shares Allyson. “And obvi great conversation!”

4. Be Patient

The health of your hair is your stylist’s top priority, so you might not be walking out of the salon with your desired shade of blonde. “Your hair will only let us push it as much as it can go,” says Allyson. If your hair can’t handle the lightening process, it’s either come back for another session in a few weeks OR risk looking damaging your hair to the point of bracking off.

5. The Most Important Thing Is Trust

When it comes to blonde transformations, the most important thing is to have trust:

  • Trust that your stylist has your vision in mind and will do their best.⁣⁣

  • Trust their experience and education.⁣

  • Trust the process.

  • Trust that reaching your desired shade may take time.⁣

  • Trust that when stylists recommend products, it’s because blonde hair needs TLC.⁣

  • Trust that when they say a cool blonde isn’t for you, it isn’t.⁣

  • Trust when they say platinum isn’t the route to go because you don’t have the time to come in every four weeks for a touch-up.⁣⁣

  • Trust when they say blonde hair is a money and time investment.⁣⁣

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